A good brand name is successful only if quality education is added with the required resources. In Medical Coding training, the standard coding manuals and software are the proper resources that any trainee coders may access at any point of time during the training tenure. So we have enough stocks of all required coding books and software that can be used by our coders as and when required. Following coding manuals are available with us for all our coders who may need access to any of the resources to enhance their coding skills.
1. CPT 2015
2. HCPCS 2015
3. ICD-9-CM 2015
4. ICD-10-CM 2015
5. ICD-10-CM 2014
6. The complete Surgery Guide
7. Complete Guide including detailed instructions ICD-10-CM
8. Anesthesia Crosswalk 2015
9. Anesthesia RVG 2015
10. Interventional Radiology Coder 2015
11. CPC Mock Test Sample Papers

All books and coding manuals are available both on sale and rent with discounted price. Special Offer: The complete guide including detailed instruction on ICD-10-CM 2015 manual is available on 50% discounted price as compared to market price.