Online ICD-10-CM Coding Training Program

Medisoft Online ICD-10 Implementation training provides comprehensive training for the transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10.The Training Program provides you comprehensive ICD-10-CM training materials with evaluation exercises and case studies to assess your proficiency with the new code set and to fulfil AAPC’s certification maintenance requirements for ICD-10-CM.

What you get with our online ICD-10-CM program:

  • ICD-10 format and structure
  • Complete in-depth ICD-10 guidelines
  • Complete Anatomy and Pathophysiology Modules (15 Modules)
  • Complete Analytical presentation on ICD-10-CM (21 chapters)
  • Nuances found in the new coding system with coding tips
  • Hands-on ICD-10 coding exercises
  • ICD-10-CM Training Manual (both soft and hard copies available)
  • Complete Assistance on ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment
  • Q&A Sessions

Medisoft online ICD-10-CM training program focuses on the following parameters:

  • General overview of ICD-10 structure and guidelines
  • How today’s documentation will stand up to ICD-10
  • Review of ICD-10-CM and PCS
  • Strategic Implementation planning
  • Cross-walking and General Equivalence Mapping System (GEMS)
  • Finance and budgets of ICD-10-CM
  • Outcome measurements and compliance
  • Advanced understanding on Anatomy and Pathoyphysiology
  • Staff education and training
  • Business processes, policies, and deployment

Chapters of ICD-10-CM
The following chapters with individual chapter specific guidelines will be covered through the online training program:

Chapter 1 – Infectious & Parasitic Diseases
Chapter 2 – Neoplasm
Chapter 3 – Diseases of the Blood
Chapter 4 – Endocrine, Nutrition and Metabolic
Chapter 5 – Mental and Behavioural Disorders
Chapter 6 – Diseases of the Nervous System
Chapter 7 – Diseases of the Eye and Ocular Adnexa
Chapter 8 – Diseases of the Ear and Mastoid
Chapter 9 – Diseases of the Circulatory System
Chapter 10 – Diseases of the Respiratory System
Chapter 11 – Diseases of the Digestive System
Chapter 12 – Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues
Chapter 13 – Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue
Chapter 14 – Diseases of the Genitourinary System
Chapter 15 – Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium
Chapter 16 – Certain Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period
Chapter 17 – Congenital Malformations, Deformations and Chromosomal Abnormalities
Chapter 18 – Symptoms, Signs and Abnormal Clinical and Laboratory Findings
Chapter 19 – Injury, Poisoning and Certain other Consequences of External Causes Complications
Chapter 20 – External Causes of Morbidity
Chapter 21 – Factors Influencing Health Status