Medical Billing Training

Medical Billing Specialists enjoy one of the most secure careers available because they provide an essential function at the heart of one of the fastest growing industries in the country—healthcare. Every insurance company requires an itemized list of procedures, medicines, and other materials before they pay a claim. With doctor offices and medical facilities looking for the most accurate reimbursement for services, the demand for confident and capable Medical Billing Specialists is only increasing.

    Why Choose Medical Billing?
  • Earn up to 250,000 a year
  • Work in the growing healthcare industry
  • High demand career
  • Be a vital part of the medical care team.

Scope of medical billing
The healthcare industry is growing! The ever-increasing number of patients, insurance claims, and hospital admissions is driving growth in healthcare services. It takes a lot of support to provide quality care and insurance coverage for so many people.

Every insurance company requires an itemized list of procedures, medicines and other materials before they pay a claim. Every procedure has a unique code. That’s why Medical Billing Specialists are in such high demand and why you can enjoy a great career in the healthcare industry.

Medisoft Training Program provides the student with knowledge and understanding to analyze medical records, work on live coding projects and assign CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM codes to classify diagnoses and procedures while applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct. Experienced medical coders make great money because properly coded medical charts mean more revenue and cash flow for the doctors in USA.

    What you’ll learn in Medical Billing Program
  • How the human body works…Master human anatomy and physiology
  • How to speak the language…Explore medical terminology and pronunciations
  • How medical coding impacts Medical Billing Specialists…Learn how medical procedures and diagnoses are coded
  • How to set up medical claims…Complete actual forms for Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, HMOs, PPOs, workers’ compensation, military and personal injury claims
  • How to work like a medical professional…Practice processing Medical Billing with real-life claims