Why should I join Medisoft?

Medisoft is known for producing coding leaders in industry. If you are ambitious and looking for challenging and rewarding career, Medisoft is the right place to start. We do not offer mediocrity but we believe in Excellency in our domain. We offer you the best training and guidance throughout your career. Always remember it’s your decision today which will decide where you will be tomorrow and in what position. See what the employers and alumni have to say about Medisoft.


What is the placement prospect for me after completing coding course from Medisoft?

Medisoft has tie up with placement consultants and different corporates for mass placement. Medisoft is known for best placement in the industry. Most of our coders are leaders in premier coding companies across India and abroad. Know more about our placement.


Does Medisoft provide both Classroom as well as online classes?

Being a leader in coding industry training, we take care of all needs of students. Those who have got time and are near to Medisoft centres can take advantage of our classroom training. For those aspirant who are working or placed distant from our locations can take advantage of our especially designed online course curriculum which is tailored to suit almost every needs of students. Online classes are divided into modules and then can be repeated as one’s wish. We are digitally connected to our students by our login page where a student can login and get updates, download materials and left queries which will be answered by expert trainers. To see more about Medisoft Online coding program.
How is Medisoft online classes different from others?

We have live classroom session starting with Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding Industry and finally to CPC Certification Classes. We provide all the online training materials required to be a Medical coder. We give access to Medisoft store for any required coding manual; we also give access to online coding software and applications as and when required. We prepare you to be a CPC certified Medical Coder. We make sure that you learn the basic coding nuances during our training period that would be required in live coding when you actually work as an independent Medical Coder. Additionally, you see and hear the instructor live.


What about Questions after Class or Help with Homework?

Medisoft is committed to the success of its students.  You can email instructors directly for questions and you can speak to them one-on-one via a phone call.


Can I take more than one class at a time?

Yes.  Some students like to take one class at a time, while others like to take more than one.  It is an individual decision.


How long are the classes?

Medical Coding curriculum for CPC Certification is designed for 12 weeks classroom training and 2 weeks live coding training followed by 4-5 mock tests. So the total duration of the course is around 16 weeks which is equivalent to 4 months. We cover all the chapters in CPT and ICD along with the Basic Anatomy and Medical terminology. Each class is approximately 2 to 3 hours long. For Fee, duration of classes, and other details.


What classes do you offer and what is the cost of your classes?

Class Descriptions describes all classes offered by Medisoft and the cost for each class. For duration, fee, and all details visit the package area.


I have never taken an online class.

Do not let it intimidate you. Medisoft does everything for you.  You will have one-on-one training on how to navigate around the classroom.  You will find the online training materials as simple, easy to understand, and very much useful.


I do not have any medical background, can I do Medical Coding course?

The Introduction to Medical Billing/Coding does not have any prerequisites for the class and no medical background is required to start in this field. It is obvious that it seems to be easier for Medical background candidates; however Non-Medical background candidates have also proved that they can do be better and excel better as compared to Medical background students and we have experienced hundreds of such live cases


How do I register for classes?

You will be required to fill out an online form depending on the class you are choosing for. That must be completed and submitted to Medisoft website. Applications must be received at least 1 week before the commencement of class. To register online, click here


When do your next classes start?

We have new batches starting in almost at the first week of every month. You can register online directly to know the exact next possible scheduled class. Alternatively you can call us and know about the exact date of next possible class.


What do I expect after online paperwork and deposits have been made?

You will receive confirmation of online paperwork and payments, along with the following information:  Confirmation that your paperwork has been received; orientation date; and book requirements.


Is there any special requirement for computer software?

To participate in Medisoft Online Classes, you need to have a computer with Internet access (high-speed preferred).  There is no special software required but a webcam and microphone is recommended.


Do I need a high very high quality webcam and microphone/headphone?

You need only a basic webcam/smart phone (which can work as cam) and microphone.


I have been working in the medical billing and coding field. Can I take just the certification class?

Yes.  CPC certification requirement includes 2 years of coding experience, so it is ideal for you if you are an experienced coder; however if you are a fresher and want to appear for CPC exam, you will be awarded CPC apprentice status for one year. Take the pre-exam for the certification course to test your knowledge.


What type of facilities could I work at?

Any company that work with ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS codes would hire you with your knowledge base. You can work as a Medical Coder in Physician offices, Home Health Agencies, Out-Patient Facilities, Hospital Billing Departments, Hospital Admissions, Nursing Homes, Independent Billing and Coding Companies. In India, ideally you would be working in a Medical Billing/Coding company that deals with Revenue Cycle Management.


Can you help me with my resume?

We will be more than happy to help students with their resume.  We also give you access to resume information in the classroom. You will also get access to Medisoft resume template and different resume assistance services.