Hazique Khan

My sincere gratitude and thanks to Medisoft and team for providing excellent class room training for preparation of CPC exam. Medical coding was totally new domain for me but after this course, I was confident enough to clear CPC exam. I recommend students to join Medisoft to learn coding and to prepare for CPC exam.” Placement is magical; I got placed immediately following the week of examination.

CPC, CIRCC-Coding Manager at AIG Business Solution, Noida

Vasudev Rajbhandari

My experience of doing training for CPC exam preparation at Medisoft was excellent. I am thankful to Arun sir for providing quality training & guidance which has played a very important role in getting success in first attempt. They have provided practice tests a lot to build in confidence and time management in an individual to undergo certification which helped me always to finish it much before time and I got the offer letter even before I pass the examination. In end I will say that “there is no secret to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work and quality training”.

CPC, Team Leader, e4e Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Santosh Kumar

I am feeling proud as a product of Medisoft. I would like especially thank to my mentor guru Arun sir. The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible. Medisoft has given me the confidence to achieve my certification in coding. The systematic approach and the standards of the material Medisoft provided helped me to crack the exam in first attempt and got the placement just immediately within a week. I sincerely thank Arun sir for guiding me in all aspect.

CPC-Senior Coding Analyst, United Health Group (UHG), Noida

Priyanka Sharma

I would like to thanks Medisoft Infoservices and Arun sir who encouraged me to do Medical Coding and helped me in every possible manner to achieve success in CPC exam. I am very grateful to Medisoft who helped me in becoming a certified medical coder. This is really amazing to get placed in an ISO standard corporate within a week. In the end, I want to wish Medisoft good luck for future endeavours.

CPC-Medical Coder at RSystems International Pvt Ltd, Noida


Konark Nayak

I came to know about Medisoft from one of my friends who was working in a reputed coding company. Based on his recommendation, I went to Medisoft and was convinced about the quality of the training and enrolled for the same and my enrolment proved to be superlative choice as I understood during the progress of training with its rich content, delivery and intensity of lectures given by Mr. Arun. This enabled in fruitful culmination of the course. The entire experience of 5 months pinnacled to the successful clearance of the CPC course and with the practical experience handed out during the course of training proved to be the a turning point during the course of interview which finally lead to the placement for a challenging career ahead.
CPC, Senior Medical Coder at e4e Healthcare Business Solution Pvt Ltd

Ram Tiwari

I knew straight away that I wanted to do the course when I first read about Medisoft and have to say that I have not been disappointed. The material we covered was really informative. I would definitely recommend this institute to those who are interested to be a certified coder. My special thanks to Arun Sir who has gone out of his way to teach us. He always helped me in every aspect of my carrier including a very lucrative placement in UHG.
CPC, Senior Coding Analyst, United Health Group, Noida

Poonam Sharma

The training was very substantial and Well-balanced. I have personally gained enormous amount of knowledge in different specialities of medical coding. Trainer was very much knowledgeable. I found the course very useful. The best part of Medisoft is the training method, covering each code and covering all guidelines of all chapters. It was so easy to get the placement after finishing the training from Medisoft. I recommend coders to join Medisoft for ICD-10 Training India and also to upgrade CPC proficiency assessment in future. Thank You team Medisoft!
CPC, Senior Medical Coder at MD Everywhere Pvt Ltd, Noida

Divesh Khatwani

Medisoft Infoservices is the definitive institute for learning, preparing and gaining knowledge about the Medical Coding & mainly CPC Exam Preparation. I would express my sincere gratitude to Arun Sir for helping and making it possible to clear CPC exam in my first attempt despite having little or no knowledge about Coding few months back when I joined this institute, I would never have passed if I hadn’t attended your class! Thanks so much for your wonderful instruction and materials Medisoft. I would strongly recommend and suggest this Institute.
CPC-Independent Medical Coder, New Delhi

Praveen Tiwari

I would like to appreciate teaching standard of Medisoft, special thanks to Arun sir who improved our knowledge in medical coding and I was able to start a career with good field. I feel proud to be a part of Medisoft. Placement service of Medisoft is commendable; the coders need not to wait.
CPC-Coding Analyst at EXL Services Pvt Ltd, Noida

Vishal Kaushik

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Arun Sir for an excellent Medical Coding training program at Medisoft. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be all what I am in the Medical Coding Industry. Training given by Arun Sir has helped me immensely in getting success in Medical Coding Industry. Equally and perhaps more impressive is his attitude, style, spirit, emotions, feelings, heart and hard work. He is a great speaker. His presentations were dynamic and very enjoyable and most importantly the approach for placement with different corporates is dynamic.
CPC-Senior Medical Coder at RSystems International Pvt Ltd, Noida

Manpreet Singh

I highly recommend Medisoft as it has a perfect blend of theoretical as well as practical blend of coding. The unparalleled curriculum-driven training and step-by-step approach makes it easier to practice the coding which in-turn helps in becoming a good coder. Thank you Arun sir and Medisoft team for your efforts in making my coding pathway.
CPC, Senior Medical Coder at RSystems International Pvt Ltd., Noida

Chandan Talukdar

Medisoft training approach is innovative and really helpful. Medisoft questions and discussion helped me a lot. The mock exams helped to pass CPC exam. They discuss every code in detail and make you to work on guidelines. This is the best institute in India for Medical coding and ICD-10-CM training. The course is very extensive and provides sufficient or vast knowledge than one can get in any parallel training outside. My best wishes to Arun Sir and Medisoft. I strongly recommend his institute.
CPC, CIC, Project Manager EHR, E-Transmedia Technology Incorporations, Philadelphia, USA

Shaily Das

Turning aspiration into reality is easy when quality people like your good self are there to support. Thank you for your time, energy, and guidance. Without your generosity, and subjective knowledge, combined with my hard work, I would not have achieved this milestone within a span of just 4 months from the commencement of Medical Coding training. I can definitely say that Medisoft is the best of the lot. I once again personally thank Medisoft in helping me in clearing the CPC certification exam and getting placed overseas.
COC, Medical Coding Analyst at Al Zahra Hospital, UAE

Sachin Agnihotri

At Medisoft, the mentor is very informative, friendly and provides a nice platform for aspirants to enter the coding field. Everything was explained in detail and you are made to feel like you are part of a family. The training method and mock exams helped me a lot. The trainer is a mentor himself and he is an expert in the field. Training is systematic, training material is very good, and all areas of coding are covered. Placement is really commendable; I got an immediate offer following the day of my CPC examination result.
CPC, Medical Coder, Accretive Health, Noida

Mohit Khokar

I would like to share my experience with Medisoft; it is the one and only place to start your career in Medical Coding. Arun sir (my mentor), is highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful person who is ready to help you at every step and guide you in your career building. Saying thanks to him is a very small word, however I respectfully say thank you for your kind support and prompt placement.
CPC, Senior Medical Coder, Accretive Health, Gurgaon

Nidhi Singh

Medisoft is the institute which provided me core medical coding knowledge along with coding concepts. They focus to teach the Anatomy and Physiology to those who are not from medical background. Arun sir provided us sufficient notes and study materials to understand the basic concept and scenarios of Surgical Coding. We also got enough practice question papers so that we can solve them in regulation with time which is utmost required for clearing coding certification examination on time. I am thankful to Medisoft team for their effort to make me clear the CPC examination in first attempt with 81%. The placement assistance by Medisoft is really commendable in all aspects.
CPC, Senior Coding Analyst, Innodata Pvt. Ltd., Noida