A/R Follow-up

This is our objective to improve your cash flow by reducing duration in A/R and improving remarkable marginal profitability, by increasing your collections ratio and cash flow.
Currently the AR Follow-up and Revenue Recovery processes are being taken care of our associate office.

Today, the largest value driver in healthcare BPO partnerships continues to be physician revenue cycle management and Medisoft sets a new standard in RCM performance. By delivering a truly unique business model, we are committed that our solution will transform today’s clinics into highly efficient, cost effective patient centered practices that will enable physicians to be more productive and enjoy a healthy, profitable and thriving medical practice.


Our end-to-end RCM solution offers the following customized services:

  • Patient Registration

  • Claims Submission

  • Medical Coding

  • Charge Data Entry

  • Payment Posting

  • Accounts Receivable Follow-up


    Our RCM Platforms
    We are working with leading PMS and billing platforms, Medisoft has the experience and expertise to quickly take command of your revenue cycle management needs. Following are the few popular PMS used by us:
    Kareo, Medical Manager, Joyware, Siemens Signature, and other billing platforms